MORRIS’s personal book projects combine image and text into a visually and intellectually engaging whole, while also injecting a dash of humor.

The first two books showcase some of his own writings and drawings.

Projects with other authors are set to follow in the future.


The book Leute brings together a selection from 30 years of MORRIS’s figure drawings.

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MORRIS: Zeitpunkte

The book Zeitpunkte interweaves some of MORRIS’s stories, ideas, and poems with his figure drawings.

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MORRIS has been drawing figures more or less constantly for over 30 years. In the process, he has – pretty much by accident – created a whole society. Leute introduces this ‘illustrious company’ to the world, while in Zeitpunkte the freehand figure drawings serve as a visual ‘base line’ for a collection of his stories, ideas, and poems.”