Whether with sweeping brushstrokes and flowing colors, or with simple pencil lines, MORRIS’s figure drawings bring to life a unique, diverse society inhabited by a whole host of different figures.



These drawings are created with a single brush and utmost immediacy, using just a few focused strokes. It is this that gives them their expressive simplicity.

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Sad Giant

The pencil and fineliner drawings are produced with the utmost immediacy, using as few lines as possible – and sometimes just a single uninterrupted motion.

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“Morris’s figures capture people in triumph and defeat and in all the many states between those extremes, showing how we are cast adrift in the world. Cast onto the page by the artist’s hand, the figures stand there defiantly, their bodies solid or fragile, their gestures tender or violent, demanding to take up space. This publication is intended to give them that space.”

Thomas Escher